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A great way to monetize your 3d printer

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    Cool: A great way to monetize your 3d printer

    3DPrinterOS Universal Cloud Management for 3D Printing has been launched . What is this ? A cloud based solution for managing multiple printers on site or remotely . Users can also share printers with other users by granting special permission , and what is even greater , is that a webcam cam be set up that goes live only when connecting to a printer .This allows users to monitor their prints. Copyright and intellectual property are also protected by means of directly linking the printer and the user , so no other users see the file you are printing .

    More can be read here

    “The only thing holding back the 3DP revolution we all know is coming is the lack of industry cohesion. The individual products and services currently being developed are almost meaningless if they’re not capable of interacting with one another. We see software as the entry point into that new frontier of 3DP innovation, and what we’ve tried to do with 3DPrinterOS is pry things open as much as possible.” He continues, discussing the software’s development, “We’ve committed ourselves to putting out regular updates and new drivers for the operating system, and we’re already refining our ideas with the help of user input via our beta testing process. But we’ve also collaborated with outside manufactures and developers, because our intention has always been to create a new standard for industry design and engineering. 3DPrinterOS is going to be friendly to users, and friendly to creation, as well.”