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The Newest Look in 3D Printers for the Home

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    Cool: The Newest Look in 3D Printers for the Home

    With all of the buzz about 3D printed technologies, it’s hard not to want to have the limitless power of creation in one’s own home. Although 3D printers are becoming more affordable and more widely available, many of the designs leave much to be desired. Futuristic and almost scary-looking, many 3D printers would stick out like a sore thumb even in the most progressive of homes. Solidoodle Press hopes to change all of that with its introduction of a new compact 3D printer that looks just like many other home appliances.

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    Reminiscent of a fridge and about the size of a sewing machine, the 512-inch, fifth generation Solidoodle Press will be available in September for $600 (or $350 in presale). This is the perfect 3D printer for first time buyers since it comes equipped with a ton of fool-proof features like an automatically calibrating printing bed and a protected spool to prevent the filament from jamming. So if you’re looking to buy your first 3D printer, check out the Solidoodle Press as an affordable, easy-to-use and brilliantly designed addition to your home d├ęcor.

    That is a much sleeker design that I have seen looking around at 3D printers, it makes me excited to see what happens for the future.


      Wow! it looks very nice compared to other 3D printers that I have seen and it will let you print 8"X8"X8" plastic figures, for what I have been reading. I hope I can sell some items that I have at home, so I can buy one of these.

      I have a little baby boy and printing little toys for him can become my hobby. I could even donate brand new printed and painted toys to poor kids from my local Church. Unfortunately I would need to import all of these items, the printer and filaments included because I don't live in the US.