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Does anyone know about 3Dwox by Sindoh

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    Interesting: Does anyone know about 3Dwox by Sindoh

    i was surfing thru Amazon looking for a 3d printer to buy
    my price range is anything under $1000
    and i came across this printer, 3Dwox from a company name Sindoh,
    (its here if you want to check it out)
    (thats the printer companies website)
    Apparently this printer is available Mid December so soon im thinking

    Well according to my research its a Korean company, they seem to big in Korea but not internationally and only big with just your normal printers not 3D
    So i was just wandering if anyone here has used this printer before?
    the specs seem to good for its price and i always thought Korean were good with these IT stuff seeing my TV, fridge and phone which all basically Korean

    Anywayz anyone out there who tried this printer???
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    i went to their website and they seem to be constantly updating videos of their product showing clips of their printer function and stuff....
    Okay i just went on Amazon and they seem to have them in stock now so ill buy one let you guys know how it goes.
    stay tuned guys its going to be a bumpy ride =]


      Okay my printer arrived and it seems to be all good ill try it out and post a separate thread on the forum with photos