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Super Affordable Laser SLA 3d Printer!

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    Super Affordable Laser SLA 3d Printer!

    SolidMaker is the First Laser SLA 3D Printer Under $400: The structure optimization making high-quality SLA 3D printer downright affordable.
    Enjoy better printing quality & speed with SolidMaker, from only $399. Check more info here:

    ①Top-notch Printing Quality: With 0.003/0.01mm XYZ accuracy, SolidMaker can eke out astonishing high-resolution 3D prints.

    ②Bigger And More Complex Prints: Print volumes up to 120x120x150mm, its ideal for both minis and larger items!

    ③Printing Speed Up to 320mm/s: Stunning creations can be made just in a jiffy.

    ④100μm Laser Spot Size: Smaller spot size to capture the finest details of your creations.

    about SLA:
    SLA printers consistently produce higher-resolution objects and are more accurate than FDM printers. Because the resolution is primarily determined by the optical spot size either of the laser or the projector and that is really small. ️This way, the surface finish is much smoother. SLA prints show details an FDM printer could never produce.

    ⭐ Sign up for the launch invitation and get the super early bird price now:

    You can contact us on facebook Page:

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