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The Launch of Highly Efficient, Next Generation DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry Industry

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    Interesting: The Launch of Highly Efficient, Next Generation DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry Industry

    Press Release

    February, 2019 – J Group Robotics “Imagine 3D” represents the most recent version of 3D Printing technology. It is an affordable desktop 3D Printer that delivers a trustworthy and high-quality performance for professional users.
    Imagine 3D is a Digital Light Processing (DLP) printer that delivers the best surface finish and accuracy due to the German Engineered HD Projector used in it. Imagine 3D is a printer which is perfect for the Jewellery, Dental and Hearing Aid Industry.
    Imagine 3D is engineered with high quality components. The firmware is developed by
    J Group Robotics making it user friendly and can consistently deliver extraordinary results.

    Imagine 3D DLP Printer has the characteristic of an Industrial grade UV LED light engine, Z slide and an optical glass material tray instead of plastic. The XY layer resolution is true 50 microns and build area of 96mm x 54mm. The Z layer resolution is adjustable that can be set at 25 to 100 microns and build area of up to 80mm; depending on material. The printer is equipped with its own developed firmware and software, which offers grayscaling for surface smoothness and exposure strategy techniques for superior performance.
    Imagine 3D can produce castable and non-castable parts with exceptional detail, including thin walls and complex features. The printer has a sharp new look with a grey body and an impressive projector resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    Launched in 2019 and now is priced at 17,00,000 INR for Indian customers. Imagine 3D DLP Printer is available for purchase online at
    With the launch of Imagine 3D DLP Printer, we aspire a mission to exceed customer’s expectations at an affordable price. Additionally, it also gives the users a taste of J Group Robotics outstanding quality and reliability with free 1-year onsite warranty. The Company has also introduced a Service Wing to cater the RPT (Rapid Prototyping)/ CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) needs of the Jewellery, Dental and Hearing Aid Industry.

    About J Group Robotics
    J Group Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers of FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) 3D printers of the utmost quality. Founded in 2013; The Company is selling 9 different types of 3D Printers including the latest new DLP Printer. These printers serve to a variety of industries which includes Jewellery, Dental, Hearing Aid, Engineering, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Medical & Health Care, Consumer Goods & Packaging etc.