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NEW PRODUCT: Cost Saving UV lamps and modules for StrataSys Printers!

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    Cool: NEW PRODUCT: Cost Saving UV lamps and modules for StrataSys Printers!

    Lamp Express USA Inc. is a manufacturer of UV bulbs and Components. Our sales office and warehouse is located in Morganton, North Carolina. Our factory is in Frankfurt, Germany.

    We are now offering UV Bulbs and Lamp Modules for StrataSys Equipment. These are non OEM parts.

    We are taking preorders now for reflector assemblies, with or without bulbs. Made in Germany! Available to ship early October 2018

    Check out our offers and enjoy the prices that wont go up!

    Link for just the Bulb:

    Link for Assembly without Bulb:

    Link for Assembly with Bulb:

    Used in various printers such as:

    Objet 24
    Alaris 30
    Alaris 30 Pro
    Alaris 30U
    Objet 30
    Objet 30 Pro
    Objet 30 Prime
    Objet30 Dental Prime
    Objet30 Orthodesk
    Eden 250
    Eden 260
    Eden 260V
    Objet 260 Dental Selection
    Objet Eden 260VS
    Objet Eden 260VS Dental Advantage
    Objet 260 Connex3
    Eden 330
    Eden 330V
    Eden 350
    Objet 350 Connex3
    Objet 500 Connex3
    Objet 500 Dental Selection
    Eden 500V
    Stratasys J750
    Objet 1000 Plus

    These parts are sold under the Bluetec brand and are not in anyway affiliated or intended to be represented as OEM components manufactured by Stratasys, Objet, Eden, Alaris. These are non OEM parts with full warranties Made in Germany by Lamp Express USA,Inc. Fits all Lamp Express P11 curing units. It replaces the phased out P10 cartridges. This cartridge is designed for easy lamp replacement. Just loosen two screws, pull the upper part of the reflector and replace the lamp (SKU 902436)

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