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wondering about a new printer thats on kickstarter

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    Interesting: wondering about a new printer thats on kickstarter

    Hey guys, there are so many new 3d printers on Facebook. On the posts Iíve come across on FB, of new companies advertising their new printers, itís almost like people are there to troll. Its became ugly in a few of them. One of the companies even claimed other companies are trolling their posts to knock them down some. Have any of you seen it? Cubibot has got the worst of it from people. I like the look and the abilities of it. Yes itís small and new but it looks perfect for small-scale printing and building. What do you think?

    If you've ever supported a kickstarter project you probably wont consider this printer. Its print volume is barely the size of a coffee mug so whats the point. You can purchase much larger machines for a bit more money and you wont have to wait the year or so to get it.


      There are many good printers you can have now. They have reviews so you'll get a good idea of what you will get. A kickstarter is a big gamble with a low payoff. I'd skip it personally


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