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E3D v6 stops extruding

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  • E3D v6 stops extruding

    using PLA at 190. prints for 5 min then material quits extruding.. Then i have to disassemble hot end to get filament out

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    Why so low? I'm running at 205-213 depending on brand. I admit to buying cheap PLA for stuff that's just toys, masks and rubber band guns, but it does work better at slightly higher temps. Then there is the variable of printers. My Makerbot rep 2 runs PLA great at 225-230 but my Folgertech FT5 runs the same stuff at 205.

    Running for five minutes and clogging also might mean that your extruder temp is falling off too. Check to see what the temp is as it's running and as it clogs. 190 is pretty low, it doesn't have to drop more than a couple degrees to be solid.

    Other info might help; your printer type and model, filament brand and size, layer height and any adhesion problems, etc. How much experience you have with 3d printers.


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