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  • 3d modelling

    Hi everyone
    I need some hints on what the model should be designed for 3d printing,
    Is there a website that helps to draw a better model for 3d printing?

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    Depends on what you are modeling. Organic shapes, structural parts, etc. Fusion 360 is a pretty well rounded program.


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      Thanks, not looking for programs, looking for hint as what to do and don't when you model for 3d printing


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        The thing to remember when designing for 3D printing is the technology used to print the object.

        For FDM you need to make sure that you pick the right orientation for the model. So that you have no or minimal overhangs. It is always preferable if you can design something that can be printed without support. Also keep in mind, what surfaces need to me perfect. For instance, if you have a surface that needs to be as flat as possible, use it as the bottom layer. If it is not possible to do, make it horizontal.
        I split up parts sometimes to make sure the parts are 1 printable and 2 have the right surface smoothness.

        Also think about wall thickness and layer thickness. Make sure the wall thickness is a multiple factor of the intended filament path width. This makes for better walls and stronger prints. Although, slicers are getting better and better at filling little gaps in walls. Layer thickness is relevant when you have sloping surfaces, like the roof of the Benchy. Make sure you know the kind of steps you are expecting and see if it will work with that layer height.


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          so things like plan what you're going to make so that it's printable, ensure that what you are designing is within the tolerance of the Nozzle you intend to use. decide on what material you intend to use before you design as they have different properties and deal with cooling in different ways. `avoid using thin walls. don't be afraid of making the model in more than a single piece and glue together post print.
          a lot of the design considerations will differ between designs but the biggest difference is organic and engineering design.
          engineering design printing requires the print orientation to be considered in regards to strength. a long poll would be best printed flat for strength. but organic model print orientation is more aimed at where the detail is and where supports may be needed, and ways to avoid using support by orientation.

          hope this is some insight but I would suggest to be a bit more specific with design tips as this will help you get better hints and tips.

          there is a big difference between organic and engineering.



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            Look at for detailed instructions for 3d modellelling...


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              Thanks guys, these hints have been great,
              Does it Matter if I use triangles or not?
              I'll check that website out Oraltosun when I go on my computer thanks.


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                Just design the part as it is, the software will decide what and where the polygons are


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