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Flashforge Inventor build plate coordinates issue - misses plate...

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    Flashforge Inventor build plate coordinates issue - misses plate...

    Hi all,

    I'm a happy owner of an FF Inventor since a few weeks. I use TinkerCad and Flashprint with generally good results. I have not tweaked with general settngs. I am however lost regarding an offset, of sorts, for maximum prints - new spoolers.

    First picture ('corner') shows lower left corner of a maximum print of small boxes. As you can see, It prints 1-2 mm too far to the left. I can live with that, but assume it is configurable somewhere? The y axis is good.

    The second picture ('spooler') shows a more serious problem. The very first layer starts close to the front and indicates a 'proper' y axis positioning of the print (a few mm from the edge). When it reaches the back it hits the axis trigger (with a 'klonk'!) and then the rest of the print seem to be offset incorrectly. The rest of the print uses the new offset and generates a good result after layer 1. But notice how it hangs outside of the build plate! A position it indicates, in the first picture, that it cannot print at!

    Looking in Flashprint indicates no weird issues where layer 1 is different from the other layers.

    What happened in this print? It is a repeatable phenomenon.

    Happy for any pointers of what I might need to change or configure.
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    newbie here. I'm thinking perhaps you can reach Flashforge after-sales team for solution? They are offering lifetime support, the quickest way to get the issue solved maybe reaching out to flashforg support.