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Pla not sticking

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    Pla not sticking

    I have an adventurer 3 and mainly print miniatures. The issue is once the printer completes the disposal base the mini base only sticks in few places and the filiment is dragged with the print head. Any ideas what is causing this.

    I had a similar issue when I first started which I solved in 2 steps.
    First, you need a suitable coating on your bed to stick the PLA. There are a lot of options, but what worked best for me after trying several different things was (believe it or not) hairspray! A simple thin coating and the prints almost always stick firmly.

    Secondly, I now have a larger printer and use a heated bed. Printing PLA with the bed temp at about 60 C stopped the shrinkage and popping loose of the printed plastic. When the bed cools the print pops off the bed easily.

    I am not familiar with your printer and don't know if the adventurer has a heated bed but after upgrading the printer my prints are now almost always (nearly) perfect. If you have the heated bed already then simple adjustments should solve your problems.

    BTW, having the bed level and proper clearance between the nozzle and bed is also very important.