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Carriage gets stuck on gurney

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    Carriage gets stuck on gurney

    Hi everyone, I have a FF CreatorPro with 2 extruder heads. We mostly print from Thingiverse. I've got pretty good at bed leveling, adjusting temperature/flow of filament, adhesion to build plate, etc... then a new problem pops up:
    When printing from the right extruder, things go fine. When attempting to print from the Left Extruder, the carriage moves from Home position over to the front left corner and then gets stuck. The x axis belt runs, but simply slips over the white, plastic gear wheel so the carriage goes nowhere. The machine makes a loud clicking, as though the filament was clogged in the extruder, but we've cleaned the extruder, and filament oozes out while this malfunction is taking place. Nudging the carriage to get it to go does not work. The odd thing is that the same belt drives the carriage perfectly normally if you use the right extruder. So, I don't think this is a mechanical issue -- could it be a software setting? out of date firmware? or some incorrect machine setting? Anyone experience something similar or just have any thoughts???
    Thanks everyone, even if you only read this.


    Okay,I've found the solution -- at least to this problem. The z toolhead offset for the FF CP2 should be about 30mm. When I checked our machine, it was 334! At first I couldn't believe it, so I made no change. It seemed so extreme. And how could our machine have got so far away from the suggested setting? 8 staff people and a potentially infinite number of patrons have access to the machine. When I did make the change, the left extruder began working immediately -- although then I had to reset the start point because the extruder was set to start too far to the left. Hope this helps anyone else out there. BTW, the answer was (surprise!) in the manual, section 4.2. It specifically deals with left extruder problems on dual extruder machines. Hope this helps someone out there!