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Thinking about returning my Creator Pro after 10 days

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    Thinking about returning my Creator Pro after 10 days

    I just received the Creator Pro 10 days ago and have had issues from the beginning. I am a beginner and was warned about possible issues (constant adjustments and tinkering) regardless of what printer I chose. I went with the FF Creator Pro due to amazon ratings and features. It was more than I wanted to spend but I figured I could reduce some headaches by spending more for a 'prosumer' tool. Here are a list of my issue so far:

    1. The left extruder seems to print much better than the right. I don't know if it is a level issue regarding the extruders or not. The paper test puts them very close to the same distance from the bed.
    2. It seems to print great if the model is mostly vertical and has horizontal fillets. Anytime I have to go with a vertical fillet it only looks good on one side if it is symmetrical (due to gravity).
    3. I level the bed for every print and would love to know why only one adjustment in the front. The front is where I am always splitting the difference on the level because of only one adjustment.
    4. I have only used items from thingiverse (flexible t-rex (printed great on left extruder, right extruder was about 75% in quality), headset holder with screw, toothpaste thingi, vacuum hose adapters, dado plate for tablesaw).
    5. I am printing PLA (the two rolls that came with the printer), 210C extruder and 70C on the bed. Is this a PLA quality issue? (edit: after about 10 prints it seems the front of the bed is getting hotter than the rest of the bed. I am seeing a vertical warp on items now. I just reduced the bed to 55C to see if that helps and I am moving models to the back end of the bed)
    6. I expected more from a $900ish machine. I figured if I spent more I would have less issue and more quality on my prints.

    Am I constantly going to be making mechanical adjustments to this machine outside of the table leveling? I do not want to spent a lot of time tinkering with the printer. Do I have a lemon and need to get a replacement or return the printer? recommend a different printer?

    First suggestion is to go to place of purchase with these questions, because they have a vested interest in helping you.

    Having said that, I would say the creator pro in general is a very robust, versatile and reliable machine but isn't a 'plug and play' experience like some other offerings. Its target market is really focused on intermediate to advanced users.
    Anyway to answer some of your questions.
    1. The left extruder is closer to the cooling fan, dependent on material this can have an effect on the print quality. Are you 100% confident that both materials are PLA?, typically the creator pro ships with 1xPLA and 1xABS filament.
    2. Overhangs are a generic problem across all FFF printers, you need to print support structures, even with supports overhanging regions will not be quite as good as non-overhanging regions.
    3. You are levelling far too often. Do it once and only do it again if you move the printer/knock the bed around greatly or if your first layer is having issues. Regarding the reason for three adjustment knobs - I would say that to prevent distortion of the bed, three points of contact prevent twisting. A fourth would allow users to bend the bed.
    4. Print the test prints provided by flashforge, using recommended settings. Then call your sales rep if the results are not good.
    5. Bed heating should not be significantly uneven, call your sales rep regarding this with values/data you have collected from your temperature sensing equipment.
    6. There is a chance you have a bad one, I've never seen one but hey it's not impossible. As you are a beginner this could be user error and if so the creator pro may not be the machine for you. Before you give up I would review the above and call your rep to have them go over the issues with you in case you did get a bad one.

    Hope it helps, good luck with your printing.


      Most ppl only use 1 head so remove a dial gauge and print some bracket and mount on the rods to level plate or wind down know until u start to print and adjust up the plate