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Headphone Stand - My first project

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    Headphone Stand - My first project

    After getting my Monoprice Maker Select printer (Wanhao Duplicator i3 close) I wanted to show my wife that it can make some real useful stuff and not just "test prints". Each of my two sons have an Xbox and headphones for them. I thought that it would be cool to print out a headphone stand for each of them. After cruising through "Thingaverse" I noticed that the ones on there were OK but I really wanted to create my own. So I jumped on Sketchup and designed a two piece unit that would hold not only their Xbox wireless headsets but a regular set of wired headphones as well. Here is what I came up with.
    Click image for larger version

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    The base has three feet on it so that it will be steady on most surfaces even if they are slightly uneven to prevent the base from wobbling. On one of the headstand bases I put three rubber feet that I had left over from some piece of networking equipment so that it will have better grip. If you like this model and would like the file please let me know and I will post it. The actual size for the arm is 175mm X 175mm and the base is 172mm X 171mm. I had to put the arm on my printbed rotated at a 45 deg angle to make sure the raft would fit on it. The first print of the first revision of the arm had adhesion issues bit that was quickly readied and the subsequent prints came out really well.


    Norbert Davis

    I like how it is free standing and doesn't need to hook to anything. Thanks for sharing!


      Thank you. I wanted my boys to be able to place it just about anywhere and look nice as well. Just got my shipment of sample filament with different colors so I may make another one for the wife in a different color... Or two.



        i will line this up to my to do list.

        did you share in thingiverse?



          Yes. It is up on Thingivers.


            nicee that looks smart!


              that's really cool, i am missing such an item, always have troubles with my headphones


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