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First practical design print.

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    First practical design print.

    So having a reasonable level of experience with FDM printers with my work I decided to buy an AnyCubic Mega S.

    IÂ’ve found the process of setting up and levelling pretty straight forward. IÂ’m using Vectorworks for generation of designs and for some processing with downloaded designs. I use netfabb for cutting and the latest Cura for Mac for generating gcode. So far, so good without going into details about setting up as this is just to share my first practical design and print.

    Background on this design is all about noise cancelling earphones or probably more accurately ear buds. Pondered buying the big brands offering at the £200 and more price bracket but ended up, as if often my way, going cheap based on reviews. So long story short the ANC wired earphones are great and at £30 my kinda price. However and it’s a big however they and all other ANC headphones/ earphones fail miserably when it’s windy outdoors. That’s a pretty major fail given I wanted to listen to podcasts whilst walking. So after a bit of thinking I bought some mini microphone sponge covers and used a mini rubber O ring I managed to solve the wind issue with a home made cover. So in comes the printer and an obvious moment to drain and print a push on holder for the mic sponge.

    Pictures attached which show.

    Design in Vectorworks. Simple design working to 0.1 mm. With wall and base at 1mm but then scaled down in Cura to achieve best fit
    Design in cura showing 93% reduction. IÂ’m sure at this scale IÂ’d design going back to Vectorworks and adjusting may be advisable but this was quicker and worked after a few scale attempt and profile adjustments using Fine 0.1mm, 0.8 wall, top and base and finally 205 and 65 for temp. All other setting are profile defaults.

    Anycubic Mega S - levelling with cheap A4 paper seems to be best. Have some brass shin but IÂ’m finding it too thick at 0.1mm so paper it is for now. I level as per instructions going round twice when heated. I also clean with isopropanol alcohol each time.

    At this scale when I didnÂ’t level or clean it would occasionally fail. When I did level and clean it worked fine. All self levelling printed level for each print so I see this as to be expected.

    Other than that IÂ’ve not done any further adjustments and my only comment at this stage would be the quality of the bottom layer isnÂ’t great.

    Pictures ......