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Warping no matter what I do.

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    Warping no matter what I do.

    Hi all.

    I've been printing for a couple of months and have had times where I want to throw the printer out the window.

    However, the issue I'm having today is really, really getting on my nerves.

    I'm printing a thing for xmas for someone and the first layer (raft) always goes down fine. It'll print the raft but 10 layers into the main object, it'll start warping around the whole print.

    This keeps happening.

    I've had good results with hairspray but it's doing it with that too.

    I've now resorted to extending the raft...... In the hope that if it warps I'll warp in an unneeded area. Also, if it does start to warp I can clamp these areas down with clips.

    Here's a screenshot...It's really winding me up.

    Can anyone help ?


    What material are you printing? Maybe it's your fan settings? PLA shouldn't warp, PETG is hard to warp, ABS is known to warp. Maybe try closing it in a box, turning down the fan and increasing the heat of bed.


      Ok this is a topic that is widely explained on the net. First and most important your first level hight must be as accurate as possible 0.2mm is a good start. If you can get yourself a aluminium bed to get the heat evenly spread over the entire surface. Ps a heated bed for abs is a must. If all of those things is in place try abs juice on the aluminium surfice(mixture of abs filamemt and acetone) that is if you are printing with abs. If you are printing with anything else kapton tape is good and i have had good success with window tint. Printing temp is around 100c for the bed and 240 for the nozzle.


        Simple answers to this one - & many of them, depending on the machine type, ABS or PLA & settings etc... additionally as our friend above says... bed leveling & 1st layer height is CRITICAL for a large area print like this.
        Also what you are printing on to... ie, glass removable, masking tape etc....

        I regularly print 26 inch wide prints in ABS & have zero issues with edges lifting... its all down to technique & settings.....

        3D printing is akin to Witch-Craft.. you need the right spell... and also learn new chantings - mainly swear words lol...

        I notice the Welsh Dragon on your user-name ?? if you are in the UK, private mail me with an email address & mobile to discuss fixing this issue... then you can post the resolutions here afterwards when problem solved.
        Grant B


          Could you share with us a couple of pieces of information. What is the temperature you're printing at, first layer and remaining layers? Do you use a cooling fan on your printer surface material? What type of media do you print with, PLA, ABS, ... ? Is your print bed level? Is you x-carriage level? What do you use for surface adhesion, Kapton tape, Painters tape, ...? What type of printer are you using? What type of printer software are you using? What type of slicing software are you using?

          Sorry for so many question, but I need to understand something about you configuration.

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            Hi all.

            Thanks for the replies.

            I really should have posted more info about the printer etc.

            I have a XYZ daVinci Jr. I've had it for a few months...... I really can't wait for my Prusa MK3 to come because this printer is bearable to awful. It usually gets the job done (except in this case).

            Anyway. I did another print last night and the same thing happened. The raft lifted off around the print. This then started to bend the print. Frustrating.

            Printing in PLA. It's a fixed, non heated bed. I've done the contact card method as usual.

            The printer has a glass bed. It came with square sheets of tape the size of the bed. I did replace it yesterday. I presume that's the cause because nothing else has changed. Maybe it's a dodgy sheet. Still strange though.

            I'm going to get some masking tape and glue (pritt stick) today.

            I use simplfy3D.

            Thanks Grant. I'll probably be in touch at some point but I'll try the tape or glue first.

            I just don't get why the print can get 25% in, then the issue starts

            The temp and speed of the print is default for this printer (190 degrees & 30mm/s)


              Check and see if your surface is level, this can cause lifting from the surface. Your PLA temp might be a little high, try taking it down a couple of degrees Celsius. Remember when printing PLA it will shrink about 1 to 2 percent after placed on surface, so lowering the temperature will lower shrinkage. The Elmer's glue stick appears to work really well compared to other solutions. Also, how big is the print size? The larger the print the more likely warp. Also try printing 1 Raft Layer.


                So, the issue of the print not sticking down has been fixed. Goddamn it's been fixed!.

                It's been fixed so much that I've spent the last 30mins trying to get the print off. In the end I had to also peel the tape off. So, now I have no tape on the glass plate because it's stuck on the underside of the print.

                This is going to be fun to remove.

                I didn't use any scotch blue tape (that's coming tomorrow). Between the last print any this one I:

                Lowered my Z offset a bit
                Put some pritt stick (power glue) on the tape that I replaced a couple of days ago.
                Set my first layer to 125% height - 130% width - 30% speed.

                So..... all of those would have had an effect.

                I don't want to go through this again where I can't get the print off.

                What if I print on the glass. Is that recommended? Since this stuck down so well with the above steps, I presume it'll also stick to glass.


                  This is the type of glue stick I use, "Elmer's Washable Disappearing Purple School Glue", because if you can not pop your print off then you can dissolve the glue with running water.


                    Warping troubles in a 3D printer could occur when the object tends to cool after printing. You could ensure a proper quality of your 3D printing material and also check the fan settings of the printers. Also, the kind of print material you use might also be responsible for the warping effects.


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