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Issue with models to print.

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  • Issue with models to print.

    New to the forum and hope to get some help here.
    I have commissioned some models to be printed, and while waiting for my printer I asked some friends to print some of them for me.

    But all came back saying they can print them because the top portion of the model is incomplete.

    Can anyone give a look at the following files and tell me why I can print them?

    Any help appreciated.

    I have uploaded them here:

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    Did u slice the with your slicer first and did it look ok


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      Have you installed a 3D printing program on your computer?
      If not then I would do so.
      I use Repetier-Host which is a free down load. You can then load in your .stl object and you will find that the program reports that the objects are not manifold i.e. notwater tight.
      This causes problems with printing.
      With Repetier Host there is another program called Slicer. This does as the name suggests slices the object into printable layers. Slicer is also a free downloadable program.
      I have loaded the cornerplainwalls file and it appears to slice it ok. It gives you a preview of the layers and appears printable. Your model will take depending on the layer thickness anything up to 6 1/2 hours. As for how the base will print I do not know. As yet I have only done models with a flat base. Perhaps that`s why they did not want to print them.
      Have a play and experiment with all the different settings. It`s a long learning curve. Start with something simple or just sections of the model until you know what you can achieve with your own printer.
      While you are waiting you can use these programs and start to get a feel.


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        Your models are not watertight. What this means is that there are holes/duplicate layers/reversed sides etc. in it. Your best option is to close these holes properly in your design program.
        Alternately you can get it repaired in the free Microsoft service -
        The model will come back in the Microsoft 3D format. But it will be repaired. You will need the free Microsoft 3dBuilder app from the store, load the repaired model and export it as STL.


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          Your object is not manifold. There are some inside geometry in arc and it is duplicate, you need to delete that inside geometry. It is the reason why slicers cannot slice your object, because of inside geometry they do not know what is inside and what is outside.


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            I will have a look when i get home and repair these for you, and reupload to my Dropbox bud


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