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Making a mold for a thin complex shape

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    Making a mold for a thin complex shape

    Hello I made a custom object which is really thin, less than a 1cm, and curved. Im having a lot of trouble to make a mold for it.
    For now in Blender I used a Boolean modifier with a cube to get the shape of the object inside of it (the mold). What I can't do now is a way to separate this negative space just in half to make both parts of the mold because of it being curved and thin.
    I passed the cube to Netfabb and made Slices out of it. The best way I can think of is to export this slices and modify them by hand in some program like Illustrator of Photoshop to have the two halfs of the mold. Import it to Netfabb and convert it to a Model again.

    Which kind of file should I export the slices? Which program should I use to modify them? Can you think of any other way to make a mold of an object with this characteristics?

    Thanks in advance for your time.


    Hi Leo,
    Without seeing your object it's hard to give you a perfect answer, but I would say that parting lines don't need to be 'straight through' the mold, so long as you can reliably form a seal around the part and have some sprue and vent lines the rest should be dependent on part geometry and what works best for your setup.


      Construct Cutting Solids and use them in Boolean operations, make one side and use it once on a solid cube to make it's partner, then use each in turn on your solid with the void to give you two models which fit exactly together to make your mould,

      - Nick


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