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140 sized Quadcopter

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    140 sized Quadcopter

    Hi Everyone,

    We thought we would share with you a design we have just printed.

    Being fans of all things RC (especially quadcopters and FPV) we decided to create a frame that could be printed, was strong and could accept a standard size hardware. The result is what you see in the pictures. The quadcopter is 140 sized (140mm from motor to motor on the diagonal). We are using 18-xx sized motors but the frame could even accept 22-xx size motors. Standard control boards can be fitter (we run a Naze32 but would like to add a raceflght Revolt to it at a later stage).

    We also hope to print an FPV camera and transmitter mount that will sit above the control board.

    The frame is very strong due to its thickness of 4.5mm. In fact we haven't broken one yet. We printed with an infill of 20% but if you want an even stronger frame, a higher infill would be better. We printed in our black ABS plastic which is available from our store here:

    We hope you enjoy our creations and we shall update this thread with any modifications we make to our quadcopter.

    If you want to print this design then please head over to our thingiverse profile to download the design for free:

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