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ender 3 v2 problem.

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    ender 3 v2 problem.

    Hi all

    hopefully someone can help me, I have had a little look through the forum but can't seem it find an answer (if this has been talked about before please forward me the page).

    I've had my ender3 v2 for 1 week now, after getting the bed levelled every thing was working fine, I'm printing the same model/item each time.

    Then all of a sudden the prints where not sticking/getting caught on the nozzle on the first layer. I tried releveling the bed, changing the temperatures of the bed and PLA, and the speed but no luck.

    Today I measured the thickness of the paper I was using to level the bed and it was 0.12mm so I tried releveling with 0.08 paper and 0.04 paper/label backing still having the same results.

    For some reason I stuck a piece of 0.12 paper on the bed when I levelled the bed with 0.04 paper and the the print came out perfect !

    I have adjusted all the levelling wheels so its a bit tighter on the bed but still only get prints when I put a piece of paper where I'm printing.

    I also noticed that when I'm level on all 4 corners the centre is lower (ie the gap is bigger between nozzle and bed) I have tried print just on the outside edges but still get the same results.

    Surely the nozzle should be scratching the bed/paper to pieces with the above ?

    As I said I'm new to this so please if I have missed any info please just ask.

    Thanks in advanced Ben.

    Hi Ben, I have had similar problems to you with my Anet A8 and the best advice I can give you is to get a piece of heat resident glass cut to size with the edges smoothed the same size as your heated bed. It will be totally flat without the warp you have with a metal bed. Just use an 80GSM scrap of bond paper to adjust your levelling with enough tension to be able to pull the paper through without it tearing. Mix water with some PVA common wood glue to the consistency of thin oil. Paint the heated bed with it, wait till it dries and you will find it will hold your print well and be easy to remove. Good luck you won't need it. Regards Col



      Maybe cleaning from time to time the hotbed in order to get rid of residues the filament s can leave ?