Hi, all - I've been lurking a while and have been googling all over to suss out some print issues I've had come up recently with my Ednder 3 v2. With some great Cura settings I found/tweaked, I've been able to print minis at a pretty high quality. As an example:
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However, in the past week or two, I haven't been able to any longer. Prints are cobwebbing, sending out spaghetti, or losing chunks all together:

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(Note: In the one picture above, I realize that those are resin-style supports. That print was a test of several different kinds of supports to see if any helped. They did not. The Orc at the top there was printed with resin supports and as you can see, he came out well.)

I've done tests with temp towers, retraction towers (both speed and amount) and with different filaments - and all those tests went just fine:
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I've tried different printing speeds, raising/lowering temps, changed nozzles, re-leveled the bed, etc, and results on my mini files have all been a mess like the above, while test prints are coming out fine. I'm hoping that someone in here might have some ideas of other things that I can try, as I'm still fairly new to this.

Ender 3 v2
Tried with manual leveling and within the past 24 hours, also tried with a BL Touch
Hatchbox and Gizmo Dorks filament. (the white and black above are both Hatchbox.)
For both the successful Orc print and the messed up knight, the standard settings have been 215 (tried as low as 200) at the nozzle, 50-60 bed temp, retraction 5/30mm