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    Help with surface


    I recently (christmas, yay) got an Ender 3 and tried my first steps with it. But I'm struggling with it. Maybe you can help me with this:
    I've leveled the bed and started printing (PLA, temp. between 200 and 215, speed between 30 and 50, started with a 0.4 nozzle). First I've printed a calibration cube and after some adjustments I came up with the correct measurements. Then I've tried a treefrog with the attached result.

    I've changed the filament and the nozzle to 0.6 and started printing another cube. The result is the same.
    I've set the flow rate to a higher value... same result. I'm not sure what to adjust next.
    Slices were made with Cura.

    Can you guys help me with this?

    This is probably a little late but it looks like massive under extrusion i would start looking at your extruder tension first.