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Ender 5: Uneven Tri-hexagon infill pattern, nozzle collision

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    Ender 5: Uneven Tri-hexagon infill pattern, nozzle collision

    Dear Community,

    I have a returning problem with infills and had no success in resolution so far, so I thought it would be wiser to ask others with much more experience.

    So the print nozzle is hitting the infill walls. But this does not happen universally throughout the whole build surface. Some parts (closer to the Ender 5's dual z axes) are fine, while others are catastrophic. As you can see on the image below, the left part is perfect, "collision free" and flat, however the middle-to the right part is problematic. The walls of the infill are wobbly, and when the head moves over it, or prints it, the whole build plate is rattling and shaking due to the collisions.
    Click image for larger version

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    The speed is 50mm/s, the temp is 210C, the filament is eSUN PLA+, layer height is .12

    The outer walls are perfect. The print bed is magnetic PEI and it is impossible to level it perfectly, because if I level all four corners perfectly the middle of the plate is low. I level to around 80 microns on all four corners, the middle is around 120-140 microns. I do not know if it can be the source of the problem, but after 100 layers, I do not think it still has any effect.

    Any advice would be appreciated.