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Creality CR10S Pro suddenly shutdown

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    Creality CR10S Pro suddenly shutdown

    Hii, I've had my printer for over a year and I've been using it with no major issues.

    Today an hour into a print, the printer suddenly stops and the screen turns off. The fans remain on and I can see light inside the enclosure.

    I switched the on/off button multiple times but every time the fans turn on but the screen remains off.

    I tried to connect it with the computer but the USB isn't recognized by the computer or cura. It wasn't connected to the computer before, i was printing from SD.

    Any suggestion what could be the issue or how can I troubleshoot it ?

    Just for future reference, it turned out that there was a short in the display board, the short was in the capacitor directly to the left of the 330 inductor. I replaced it with two 10uf electrolytic caps in parallel (so total 20uf) and now it's working fine.