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Ender-3 Pro BLTouch not retracting + LCD issues

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    Ender-3 Pro BLTouch not retracting + LCD issues

    Good morning all

    I 've recently installed the BLTouch V3 on my Ender-3 Pro, but I'm having trouble getting it to work.

    I've triple checked all of my connections and I've paid close attention to the installation videos on YouTube from Teaching Tech & Creality.

    When I power on the printer, the BLTouch probe pulses a few times and the LED stays red, but the probe does not retract when an obstruction is detected.
    It would have crashed into my print bed had I not turned the printer off.

    Here is the firmware that I downloaded and installed:
    Ender-3 Pro_1.1.6V_BLTouch (

    Up until a few moments ago, the LCD worked fine, however I noticed that there was no option to move the Z axis in the menu (the option wasn't there). There was no bed levelling option either.
    Now, the LCD doesn't power up properly. The display lights up, but the text '3D Printer' stars blinking.

    Any help would be much appreciated. P.S. I have the uprgraded silent mainboard (v1.1.5).

    Best regards,