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Creality 3d print not recognising inner shape and only printing the outside

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    Creality 3d print not recognising inner shape and only printing the outside

    Hi everyone i hope you can help

    I have just got my new Creality CP-01, and im having so much problems...but finally i have some sort of print, but for example i have created an egg cup shape to pring but its printing the outer lays and filling in the whole sape, not recognising the egg cup shape part inside? Images Attached, green is sketchup model what it should be.

    Thank you so much,

    mandy xxx

    the picture on the left shows a model that has a skin all the way around. you need to cut a hole in the model where you want the opening. you also need to have a mash that meets all the guidelines for a proper mesh.

    1. mesh must be closed, no holes
    2. no intersecting faces
    3. mesh must be manifold (same as no orphaned triangles, same as rule 1)
    3. normals must be oriented correctly and facing the same direction as normals of adjacent triangles.
    4. triangle edges must be touching other triangle edges (see rule 1)

    it looks like you are trying to make the shape in the picture on the right. not sure why there are two different colors. maybe you didn't finish joining the two pieces and generating the mesh. you skipped a step so you got the skin in the first picture. even if you wanted a hidden void at the heart of the solid object, it would never work without closing the egg shape with a disk. that half egg shape is not closed. the only way it can be closed is if the half egg intersects with the wall of something else. they must be touching exactly in the same place. and walls with thickness 0 will not be printed. the slicer will fix it. sometimes the slicer will "fix" it by closing the hole with an automatically generated skin. this is why we should design the STL file without ambiguity by following the best practices for generating mesh or STL.