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Boundary Separating from Infill with PETG

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    Boundary Separating from Infill with PETG

    This is my 1st question in these forums and so I will do my best to explain my equipment, software and issue's I'm having. I purchased a Creality CR-10 (300x300x400) from GEAR BEST around December 2017. I have made quite a few modifications since I bought it they include:
    • E3D HotEnd so I could print ABS and NylonX
    • BLTouch to save me leveling time, started with an EzABL, that did noit work so I tried another and it too failed so I went with a mechanical sensor instead of a inductive. Best thing I did so far on this machine.
    • couldn't get a repeatablity test better than .078, so I added a second Z-axis (belt driven with gears) to stop the right side tilt when then the gantry was lifted up and down. Now its around .002-.004
    • upgraded to a double gear extruder because was getting a lot of slipping and filament that would get chewed through. Now I need to calibrate my extruder so the filament does buckle up in the extruder. I traded one issue for another. Haven't had much luck with the calibration.
    • I built an enclosure so I could print ABS and NylonX
    • I removed the printer control board and all electronics to a flat board and ditched the case.This was for ease of adding mods, adjusting voltages and testing circuits.

    I run S3D all in one software to control the printing process. I'm a Design Engineer by trade, so I have a seat of Autodesk Inventor Professional (current version) that my day job allows me to use on my home computer(nice bonus). I'm not into printing statues or toys much I focus mainly on brackets, small boxes and items that I can use for my job and around the house. I'm currently printing a box that will hang on an Inventory cart that one of the employees will use to scan inventory into the system. This is just a rectangular box with a long hook on the back side that allows it to hang on the cart. I decided to use PETG to print this and haven't had much luck. If you follow the link you will see the delamination / separation issue I'm having with the print. I was hoping I could get some insight into what may be causing this. Here is the link:

    I'm running the cart box at 245 degrees F, 80% speed, using PinRu Black PETG that I bought a couple years ago.