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    Creality firmware

    I'm looking for firmware version 1.70.0, non-BL touch.

    I have two Creality CR-10S Pro's. They are version 1, so they have a z level sensor, but it's not a BL touch probe like the version 2 has. They were delivered with different firmware versions. The earlier version on one printer is more versatile, so I'd like to install the earlier version on the other printer.

    Does anyone have the 1.70.0 .hex firmware file for a CR-10S Pro, version 1 (non-BL Touch)?


    If you can't find it on Creality's web site check their Github site.

    If you still can't find it you may have to go back to the Marlin Github page and look for that version and edit it for the CR10S Pro.
    Creality basically just used the current Marlin version at the time and tweeked it using the built in settings in Marlin, nothing really custom.