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Thermistor displaying wrong temperature (CR10s Pro)

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    Thermistor displaying wrong temperature (CR10s Pro)

    So my hot end thermistor temperature is showing around 80 degrees C when idle and not hot. Is there a way to configure this to adjust properly? I'm using tiny machines firmware. It used to work fine but since de clogging and stripping the nozzle one day I haven't been able to get it right since. Also I replaced the heater ceramic which races to its temperature now very quickly but I have tested new thermistors without turning the heater block on.

    Things I have tried:
    • Bought and replaced thermistor with "CR10s pro" labeled thermistors, specifed as:
    [I]Resistance value at 25

    is the little glass bead at the end inside the hole on the heat block? my ender 3 pro has a hole in the heat block that the little glass ball sit inside, if still after replacing it im not sure what else to check