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wondering if my bed has become warped.

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    wondering if my bed has become warped.

    I have a Creality CR10 and Im using the Eryone Magnetic flex bed

    Since I purchased the CR10 I've had the worst time getting adequate bed adhesion. So far my success rate for prints is probably around 1in3 or so. I've tried all of the adhesion methods: masking tape, painters tape, hairspray(this worked best but was tedious to clean and replace), polypropylene build plates, etc. With each of these I'm getting about the same success rate. Now at this point I'm wondering if I have a warped bed somehow.

    I've included a photo below which shows my current issue. As you can see it's laying down almost no filament at the four corners, but in the spaces between corners I have no adhesion. The only factor I can think of is that after I installed the strain relief bracket, I noticed that it seemed to place the bed under some tension.

    Is my bed warped? or is there something else going on?
    Click image for larger version

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    Also a cr10 user, but highly modified. I use ezabl, and the coated magnetic flex bed from TH3D. Yes your bed is warped, but the ezabl will compensate for that. I highly recommend the parts i mentioned for any cr10.


      Those pics look like the nozzle may be too close to the bed on the first layer. Try increasing the first layer thickness by .1 or .2 and see if there is a difference.
      If the nozzle scrapes along the bed it blocks flow and prevents adhesion.
      A thicker first layer also can compensate for a small amount of warping


        i agree with Savvy it looks way to thin and see threw and im thinking its also to close to the bed because i also had issues with that type stuff now im just working out other issues