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    Print Keeps Falling Over

    I have an Ender 3 Pro and generally really pleased with it.

    Recently, I have tried printing some small tanks for wargaming (1:100 scale). These print stood on there rear end to get best detail. The challenge, I think, is that this leaves very little contact area with the base - the model is only about 4cm tall, but the contact area is little more than 10mm x 2mm.

    My first print, straight onto the bed toppled over about half way through. The frustrating part is that the half that printed looks fantastic.

    After that I learned about brims and rafts.

    The second print on a raft got a little further but still toppled over, breaking cleanly at the raft and leaving the raft nicely adhered to the bed.

    The third print I used a brim and turned on supports. This printed to completion - the problem was that the supports were so intrusive - they went up the sides merging with the wheels, tracks and other details. It proved impossible to remove the supports without breaking the detail.

    As you can probably tell, I'm pretty new to 3D printing, so advice is really welcome.

    Any idea how I can print tanks like these. This is the TV link so you can see what I am trying to print.

    I've been trying the Light Tank Mk VI.

    They clearly can be printed, just wondering how.



    I used to have similar problems. I used Repetier Host back then, and supports were nearly impossible to remove. I finally broke down and bought Simplify3d. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it was well worth it. Supports break off very cleanly and prints look great.


      I've been a Ender 3 / Cura user for 9 months and I've done a lot of small print projects.

      If you really want to print it standing on end like that I think you'll need to adjust your support settings.
      There is an overhang angle setting that changes how steep an angle to add support to.
      That link will take you to the description for the Support Setting in Cura. Change that setting and use a raft, it should help. Just check what the supports look like in the Preview screen in Cura before you print, so you you can check that you didn't fill up all the small holes with supports.

      I also looked at the Thingiverse page for your Tank model, and the owner suggests at the very bottom of the page in the Notes section. "I suggest printing both turrets and hulls horizontally"
      I think the upright (vertical) view of the model was just so you could see the details of the underside.

      If you really want to get a lot of the small details to print, I would suggest going to a 0.2 nozzle instead of the standard 0.4 nozzle. The print takes longer, but I think you would be happy with the result.
      Just make sure you adjust the nozzle size in your Cura settings for the Ender 3 before you slice the model again.


        nheather some excellent advice in previous replies. My advice is less printer specific and is my answer to many issues with printing stability and overhangs and it’s to cut the model up. I use an old version of Netfabb Free. You can search the web for the old version rather than the new one which isn’t free. It’s incredibly simple to use and the only down side of cutting is you’ll need to stick the parts back together. But the joins are normally pretty damn good and the benefits of being able to resolve printing stability issues outweigh any post finishing efforts in my world.