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Ender 3 Benchy test with PET-G

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    Ender 3 Benchy test with PET-G

    Hi all,
    I have an Ender 3 and I think I have my settings dialed in, but have some issues I don't know how to fix.
    E-Steps have been calibrated.
    Speed 50mm/s
    Temp 240C and 70C
    Retraction 6mm and 40mm/s

    There is a small 'blob' on the front left corner (pic 1)
    There are some weird 'blobs' on the front deck (pic 2 & 3)
    There are some strange markings on the back right side quarter (pic 4)
    Appears to be evidence of something like elephant foot on the corners of the rear boxes behind the main pilot house (pic 5)
    The rear deck has a similar issue to the front with blobs (pic 6)
    The writing on the bottom is 'messy' (pic 7)
    The sides of the pilot house, and the sides of the roof, is this salmon skinning? (pic 8)

    Please and thanks

    Just realised that the image order is all out so I have added comments to each individual image.



      Your first layer doesn't look right. I'd start by getting the bed a little closer to the print head so that your first layer squish is perfect. A bad first layer will ruin a print.


        Cheers for that. Oddly enough I printed another Benchy and changed things like retraction distance and speed as well as overall printing speed (increased it) and it came out a lot better. And the first layer (at least from the under side) looked perfect. I will have another play tomorrow and take better notes of what settings affect what.

        Cheers again