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Enders 3 : whats wrong with my printer ?

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    Enders 3 : whats wrong with my printer ?


    i am a new 3d printer user . recently i bought ender 3 . but facing some issue with my printing . looks like something wrong along with x axis . please check attached image . i have just print a circle with 5cm diameter . Along with y its fine . but x axis printing is not proper . Please help .

    Thank you .
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    Is that supposed to be a solid fill or an infill? Or are you talking about the outside edge not being round? I think your axis is ok, because the lattice in the center is clean and crisp. It almost looks like you are moving the head to quickly on the outside and it does not have time to stick to the layer below it so it pulls the print as it lays it, causing the strait sections. Just my guess from what I see, but I am no expert.


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