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    Leaning Prints

    New to the forum, so hello everyone!

    I'm having some problems with my Ender 3. I've sugar a little sugar cube that I print to check basic accuracy and it's dimensionally okay but as in progresses through the print it layer moves forwards a step along the Y axis.

    I've re-levelled everything countless times, tightened the pulley and the belt, checked the uprights are square, adjusted the end stop so auto home isn't off the bed [in case that made a difference] and tightened and loosened the eccentric nuts on the v-slot to see if that made any difference. I just can't seem to shake it.

    I tried uploading a picture but it's too large. The distortion is quite minimal. Over 25mm it's about 1mm out. Other than that prints are great. I just don't know what else to try and it's starting to get frustrating!

    Any ideas and advice would be awesome!

    reload the firmware.... may help

    Another possibility... just maybe you have the belts VERY tight, & as the heat bed gets hotter & more heat radiates to the drive belt, it is causing the belts to enlarge a fraction, either under the print bed, or on the Left > right movement of the X-Carriage.

    Must say, this sounds like a heat expansion issue.


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