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CR10...not turning on(I know!!) some advice would be AMAZING!

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    CR10...not turning on(I know!!) some advice would be AMAZING!

    Hi There,

    So many people have had issues with the creality 10 power supply/fuse it seems.
    I think I am one of those people! I need help as i've read a lot of other posts, but still can't figure out my issue.

    I basically took delivery of my creality 10, put it together, and it never turned on. Zero happens when i hit the on switch.
    Annoyingly my multimeter was stolen in a recent burglary at my home(hence the new 3d printer) so i can't currently do any testing of voltages etc...but i read so many posts about the power supply being dud i just bought another online. I hooked that up but still the same problem, no power!

    Now i read about people saying the fuse next to the power switch was prone to going...but i can't find i being stupid? Can someone give me a heads up how to find it...maybe a link to a picture?

    I'm getting desperate as i've been without a printer for ages and it seems like i'm cursed!

    Any help/links would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!


    Is this a new printer you received and put together? If so, why didn't Creality or the seller replace the PSU if it was suspect bad?

    I'd recommend spending $3-4 on a cheep meter to check a few things before you replace any more parts.


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