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Issue with Anet A8 and E3D V6 bowden

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    Issue with Anet A8 and E3D V6 bowden

    Hello, everyone!

    I've upgraded (or at least trying to..) my Anet A8 to bowden mount using an original E3D V6.

    For the extruder I used the original motor and this mount, with this pulley and replacing the original spring with one of these.

    I have set the value of step / mm (E92 E ... etc) in fact if I extrude "empty", disconnecting the PTFE tube on the hotend, side extrudes me exactly 100mm.

    But when I extrude through the hotend, what I see is that sometimes the bearing "clicks" backwards and the filament does not advance ...

    The spring seems pretty strong to me so I don't think that's the problem, so it's probably the support design that's not that great?
    Should I not waste time and replace directly with a new extruder mount?

    Please help