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Bed leveling sensor malfunction or main board issue on Anet ET4 Pro?

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    Bed leveling sensor malfunction or main board issue on Anet ET4 Pro?

    I have an Anet ET4 Pro I haven’t printed with it yet but when trying to use the sensor to auto level, the extruder (Z axis) doesn’t stop coming down when the sensor light comes on. It makes me think that the sensor is working because the light comes on when I put something in front of it and either it is not putting out a signal to the motherboard or the motherboard has an issue. Everything else seems to be functioning properly but it does not have a Z axis limit switch it only has the sensor so I can’t use it because it has no starting point does anyone have an idea which of those two issues and dealing with? I really appreciate any ideas. Thank you

    Hi Rick,
    I have exactly the same issue with my new ET4 Pro. I have sent the company an email asking whether i was missing a Z switch...
    When i try to Home the printer the Z axis just goes up and stuck at the top of the bridge (trying to go further up).
    Did you manage to figure out the problem? Do you think it is the controller or they forgot to attached the switch? I can see a missing Z input at the back of the printer....

    I have also noticed that some printer have to holes for a Z switch, which i dont have...
    Thanks a lot and have a great week.
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