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Anet A8 continues to torture me

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    Anet A8 continues to torture me

    1) Finally got the A8 to do some printing, turned the printer off, plugged it back in this morning, dead. Green light is on in power supply, power is going to main board (12 volt, checked with meter). Red light is flashing on board. No display, no fans coming on. While I don't really think this is the problem, I spent $30 for a new board, waiting for it to arrive. Any thoughts out there.

    2) I did the Bowden conversion with an E3 clone hot end. Actually started to print until the z axis switch kicked on, head ended up two to three inches above the bed.

    Thanks and thanks for letting me join the experts.


    Sorry, if no display, no plc.

    Recheck its connectors,

    Good luck with new board.

    Love 3D Printing and Peace.

    Bubba Mark