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Anet A8 Z axis keeps going out of line help please

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    Anet A8 Z axis keeps going out of line help please

    Hi all
    I have a Anet A8 printer which has an aduino board running marlin and it has been running fine but lately I have had trouble leveling the bed and it was driving me crazy the nozzel would keep catching the bed.
    But now I have found out why every time I reset the Z axis and send it home when it stops on the switch the right side moves down and the left side moves up so one side is higher than the other.
    It does this everytime has anyone any idea what is causing this as I cant use my printer untill I sort it.
    Many Thanks

    are you using some sort of auto leveling feature


      I have same issue
      sending z home leaves right side high every time. z limit switch letting it bang several times
      same for you?


        Ok Think I have this one

        First a rant - Anet A* what a piece of sh*t , but va loveable one

        OK z axis goes wacky Rs higher then left after home.

        Set them even higher up and they go up and down in sync

        at bottom rh keeps spinning and lh stops

        going up rh spins, lh stuck

        check your lh guide rod, slipped out of tit hole cause the 1/16 inch plywood frame wont hold ?

        mine was.

        Locktited down on top and bottom both sides

        And check your rails

        feel like fly paper ? Scrubbed all my "guide" rails down with Blast Silicone lubricant.

        Should be back in business after a 24 hr Loctite cure time

        This unit was a thing of beauty out of the box but 300 hours of use brought out the weakness of af a $85 delivered Chinese 3d printer.

        Good luck with yours.

        May your 3D models stay like mine forever young.

        Now to get my expensive POS Anet E16 up and running. It crashed and burned after two short prints

        Love 3D printing and peace

        Bubba Mark