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Anet A8 plus bed issues

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    Anet A8 plus bed issues

    Hi all,
    I recently got my first printer, and Anet A8 plus. It came in, I assembled it, and then heated up the bed (read that you should level the bed when it is warm) to 50c. I went to level it, but found it was warped, so I was worried that I built it wrong, so I took it apart and checked the flatness of each of the induvial parts (glass, heater plate w/built in aluminum plate, and the y-carriage mounting plate thingy). Every single part of my bed is level, the heater and aluminum is perfectly flat (I checked the flatness by placing it on a surface that i am sure is perfectly flat and seeing if there is any tip or wiggle in the say it sits), the glass is perfect, and the y-carriage is flat. It seems that it becomes warped when I level it. I have done this twice now, and the first time, it was lower in the center after leveling (using the paper method), and now it is higher in the center and the nozzle scrapes when levelled properly at the corners. If I remove the clips holding the glass in place, then the glass will spring free and jump back to being flat. when it does this, it lifts away from the corners of the bed in certain places; however, I can adjust the screws to get the bed perfectly flat agian, but then it is not levelled properly, and the nozzle is the incorrect distance from the bed. I have done tons of research on this and found nothing. I would just get a new build plate, but the printer itself totally drained all of my funds (I'm a broke teen , basically, I am stuck with what I have and need to make it work...


    Have you checked the nuts and bolts on the carrier (H plate)? This may the cause of your warping? Just a guess?


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