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Getting there... (solving further problems)

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    Getting there... (solving further problems)

    I spent some time with my printer, and I encountered further problems. The heatbed would not go over 91C. And it takes probably half an hour to get there from 24C. Before it was upgraded with MOSFET, it did heat up to 110 quite fast. I noticed, the LED on the board above the negative signal cable starts to blink when it reaches around 80-85. Note, that I used cables from a spared paper printer for the signal because somehow I damaged the ones the MOSFET came with . The power cable from the PCU to the MOSFET is a piece from the original power cable. It is not too hot, but it is the warmest I ever touched on other household machines. The black insulation is rubberish, but I can keep my hand on it and it doesn't burn me. Is this normal? The small cooler on the MOSFET is not warm at all.

    Another problem is, the printer wont start printing. I installed CURA 14x, entered the settings for the A8 printer, and I generated a gcode for ABS, extruder temp. 230 and bed temp. 89. The printer still not started to print even if the hot bed was at 91.

    I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    The cables to the mosfet and bed shouldn't warm up at all. You must use cables with more copper inside. And crimp forks for a good connection.
    Look here what will happen if you use cheap under dimensioned cable.,493405
    The bed will warm up faster with a decent cable and cable connection.


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