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Anet A8 Issues with Initial Extrusion...

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    Anet A8 Issues with Initial Extrusion...

    Anet A8 with a few basic upgrades, things that should be mandatory really: Drylin bearings on X and Y axes, Fiberglass re-enforced belts, Borosilicate glass on bed.

    Any who, I am trying to print some gears and having problems. Whenever the printer does a move, the the next bit of PLA that is extruded doesn't stick to the bed.
    For a minute, I thought it might be the level of detail I was exporting from Fusion 360, so I made the same gear, roughly, in Sketch Up Make. The same thing happened.

    The bed is level, hot end is new and a "genuine" Anet part, and the printer prints well. The first layer is failing right now.
    In the picture, you can see where each hole in the gear starts, the PLA didn't stick to the bed.

    I tried disabling retraction during one print and still had issues. So, it seems to be the first bit extruded won't adhere to the bed.

    All of the troubleshooting information I've found deals with over extrusion, or oozing after retraction, or general adhesion issues.
    Does any one have an ideas?

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