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Filament not feeding properly

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    Filament not feeding properly

    Hi all, complete noob here.

    Built printer at Christmas, was gettting some half decent results out of it with the recommended settings. Was feeling very chuffed and smug with myself. Changed something originally, canít remember what, to try and get smoother results. Now prints BADLY. Seeing as Iíve now changed too many things, I have connected to a different PC (as itís next to the printer location and I can print directly. Downloaded latest version of Cura - 3.2.0 and have set up again from scratch now have 2 main issues. Firstly, whenever I print, it lays down guide print lines all the way out to the edges of the x and y axes. Please can someone tell me why and how I can get rid of these? Secondly and more importantly, the extruded stops extruding enough PLA. If I apply some manual weight to the filament, it comes out fine, as soon as I stop, so does the feed or becomes intermittent. I can live with the lines if I could actually get a decent print anymore!!

    please help!
    The guidelines A Ďlegoí block. Was only ok when I was lending some weight to the filament feed.

    Not sure why you're getting those lines at the start but the under extrusion or no extrusion, maybe be because of the filament path being obstructed, might be worth checking the extruder gear to see if its clean, it can build up with filament dust as the gear teeth grip the filament.
    My other thought could be the hot end temp could be a little too low, can you post your slicer settings?


      If your 3D printed object comes up with undesirable lines on the surface, chances are that have not aligned the print bed appropriately.
      And the most prominent solution to this is to level the printing platform appropriately. Also you could lessen the bed temperature and see if it lessens the lines on the surface of the object.
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