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Anet A8 - SD card error

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    Anet A8 - SD card error

    Hi all,
    last week I've bought an Anet A8. After a few upgrades it's printing quite well (belt tensioners, antiwobble with ball bearings, fan duct, and mosfets boards).

    But it is giving me a strange behavior, it cant read SD card.
    In the logs, it tells me "SD init fail",
    if I try to mount using display menu', nothing happens except... that it starts extruder fan for about 2 seconds!
    I've already tested different cards, but same result.

    Please, do you have any ideas about the cause or how to solve this? Thanks in advance.

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    If you go to the Raspberry Pi web site they list different SD cards and describe all the problems with them a great read!


      Itís probably the card slot which would have experienced a trouble in your 3D printer. Get your SD card slot checked and check the software too.


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