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anet a4 delta homing issue

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    anet a4 delta homing issue

    Hello all,

    New here and to 3d printing. Purchased an anet a4 delta printer. Build went as well as possible with the meh videos provided. Our first prints were not to bad except for filament jams.

    Something went wonky with the homing. When homing... a random axis..usually the y will not stop trying to move up and will grind. I checked all limit switches , they seem to be working. When trying to move the head manually through repetier it will only go down 5mm. it seems like it thinks 0,0,0 is at the this normal? any ideas? How do I reset the origin? if that is the problem.
    Any, and I mean any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I am also quite new and have a Geeetech Rostock 301. I do not know the anat and share my experience
    On the LCD screen there should be a 'control' and under control a 'restore defaults'.
    0,0,0 should be on the bottom at the center of the bed.
    In Repetier there are gcode defailts. Do you use slic3r? Make sure that home is x=o y=0 an z about 220
    Hope this will help


      Homing issues might be concerned with the firmware and host of your 3D printer. Please check these before anything else.


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