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Tevo Tornado layer shifts

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    Tevo Tornado layer shifts

    I have a problem with my Tevo Tornado. Everything worked fine up until my prints started to have layer shifts. I have tried everything that i have found on the web to fix it like lowering acceleration and jerk, Raising the stepper motors current level to 1 volt and tightening the belts. anybody who knows something that will help me fix the layer shifting please let me know. Thanks.
    Also the layer shifting is only happening on the y axis and i tried different prints to make sure it is not the gcode.
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    If your 3D printed parts are being affected due to shifting of layers, you can use the following tips:
    • Check that the belts are tight but not too tight
    • Check that the rods are clean and well oiled
    • Check if any of the rods are misaligned or bent and correct them
    Check the drive pulleys and ensure no slip between the stepper rod and the pulley.
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      Do you still have the problem?

      1. What do you mean that you tried with different prints to make sure it wasn't the gcode? Is it happening with one model or all models?
      2. Are you using the stock SD Card?


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