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Build volume vs resolution vs multiple extruding

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    Build volume vs resolution vs multiple extruding

    Hi guys, I am new to 3d printing. I just quit my job and would like to offer 3d printing services and create my own stuff to sell online. Was thinking of buying a machine to start out.

    I was wondering what is more important for a beginner. Should I get a machine with the largest build volume or a machine with the highest print resolution or one that has two extruders?

    I would like to have a printer which supports ABS, so a heated plate is a must, since I am looking to do acetone vapour smoothing.

    Shall i buy a dual extrusion machine like the Flashforge dreamer? Are there dual extrusion stl files available to download on thingiverse?

    For those that actually do printing jobs for people, what percentage of the time do you need to use dual extrusion? What kind of jobs (from which industries) do you get and how much can you charge?

    The FF dreamer in my country will cost me about USD 1850. The Creator Pro will run me about USD 2100. Some reviews online show the dreamer to be better. Is this true?

    Any other machines you guys recommend?

    Thanks for the help in advance.


    Normally, you would look at the kind of objects you will be printing and choose features based on that. Since you are looking to offer services, you definitely need a printer that will work for a range of items.

    As far as dual extrusion goes, I believe the most useful application is printing with soluble support material. This allows you to print very complex parts and not have to fight so much when removing supports.

    I don't have a specific recommendation for the printers you mentioned, but would recommend that whatever you go with should support open source material and be easy to work on.


      You are also going to need to be able to print in different materials. An enclosed build chamber is a good idea, you want to get a machine which will allow you to control your extrusion environment.

      Build volume is a difficult one, large volume in a quality printer comes at a high price.

      You should think about who your target customer base is, what types of things they are going to want printed and then pick your printer on that. It's hard to be all things to all people especially when starting out. So our first advice would be to come up with a business plan and marketing strategy, do some research and then pick you first printer based on that. In the end this is what is going to decide what things are going to be important for your 3D printer.