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Does anybody have a printer from inDimension3?

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    I am still following this thread. I use an ideator12 at work and it runs all day, every day. I run 12-15 hour overnight prints of batches of parts a few times a week. We have 50+ parts we make with it. As kengineer said, it was a fight to get the thing to work out of the box, but now it performs well.


      Well, I am currently still going through that struggle of getting it (ideator 12) to work. Was able to replace the hot end and replace the extruder motor (which has worn down, and so wasn't gripping the filament too well). As a result of these changes, I had to reflash the Megatronics board with a new firmware. Unfortunately, I hadn't made a note of the EEPROM settings, and have lost those values. I was wondering if anybody here could send me a screenshot of their EEPROM settings? I would hugely appreciate it.

      Right now, I seem to be extruding way too much material per mm of travel. If I change something something else goes wrong with the print. The EEPROM settings would be much appreciated. Thank you!


        Hi All,
        I'm new to this forum and am working on one of these glacier summits for fun. I wanted to see if anyone could take a pic of how the viki LCD is plugged into the megatronics 2.0 board. the unit i have was disconnected and it appears that it communicates over i2c but I can't seem to get the lcd to show anything, it does power up though.




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