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Looking to get into 3D for kids, any suggestions?

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    Looking to get into 3D for kids, any suggestions?

    Hey all,
    I'm looking to get into 3D printer for my kids.
    The issue is, I don't exactly know where I should start in terms of both software and hardware. There are many 3D modeling software out there, like Blender or Solidworks, but I don't know which would be the best choice, likewise with my hardware; what kind of printer would work the best?

    So, I was wondering if anyone here would have any suggestions for what type of printer I should get (Ideally >~?200/$270) and what kind of software I should use.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Dostrokes,
    I'm kids use this Haosegd K1 which is thoroughly tested and mechanically assembled. The user manual is detailed and precise. It even comes with video instructions for kids to grasp its operation quickly.
    Take view here to get some ideas.


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        What is the best 3D Printer for kids reddit community ? did you know ?

        Here is my recommendation: Kingroon DIY Aluminum Resume Printer.

        It consist Touch Screen Assisted Level Free MicroSD Card Preloaded with Printable 3D Models, Printing Space (180x180x180mm)

        I bought this printer not expecting much- But I was blown away by it!

        Assembly was super easy. I did it with my 6 yr old daughter helping me, in about 20 mins, and most of that was reading the instructions. The leveling process was incredibly easy, thanks to the guided leveling that was built in to the printer. We had it level and printing within 5 minutes of being assembled. I printed two of the files off of the SD card, and they were both great.

        The first layer on the test print was pretty darn good- I'd have been happy with it on my Prusa!

        Check all the screws, there were a few loose ones, including the ones holding the 'X" axis on. Otherwise everything was great, and far better and higher quality than I expected.

        I've spent more time with the printer, and done a lot more printing. I am very happy with it still, and continue to be surprised/impressed by it.

        I have posted some YouTube videos of it, and received a lot of questions, on of which was if it could print TPU and other flexible filaments... I honestly didn't know the answer, so I tried it- And it worked really well! The red octopus is TPU.

        I've also printed PETG with great success, too- The skull is PETG.