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Weird curling problem when printing a thin item in 100% infil

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    Weird curling problem when printing a thin item in 100% infil

    The print job is a 4.5mm thick plate (lid actually) that is 155x160mm (See attached stl). It will curl on the front right side of the print when printing infills of 50% or greater. Al though due to time constraints I only tested in 20% (my normal go to infill), 50% and 100% (What my goal infill for this job was)
    • The printer is a maker select 2 that I've had for many years.
    • The bed surface material was replaced a few months ago also but not because of this, just because it was years old.
    • I am using the same filament I've been using for 2 rolls from amazon (SUNLU).
    • I've had no other issues w/ this filament and reviews have been good
    • I print at 210/40C and always have w/o any issues

    printer config:
    • Maker Select 2
    • I have a duct w/ a cage fan that cools prints. Print cooling fan is running after layer 2
    • 210/40C
    • 1st layer 15mm/sec
    • all other layers 50mm/sec
    • .28mm layer height
    • 210/40C

    print info and tests I've run on same job
    • If I print the job at 50% infill it's better
    • If I print the job at 20% infill it does not curl
    • Tried to reduce printhead temp to 200, no change
    • Bed is level to .001" as confirmed w/ a feeler gauge
    • Bed is clear of any debris

    I don't think it's pertinent here but I have included a copy of the item I was printing.

    Anyone have any input?